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Teach Like a PIRATE

by Dave Burgess @burgessdave

tlap bookTeach Like a PIRATE is the New York Times best-selling book that has sparked a worldwide educational revolution. It is part inspirational manifesto that ignites passion for the profession and part practical road map filled with dynamic strategies to dramatically increase student engagement. Translated into four languages, its message resonates with educators who want to design outrageously creative lessons and transform school into a life-changing experience for students.

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pure genius bookPure Genius

by Don Wettrick @DonWettrick

For far too long, schools have been bastions of boredom, killers of creativity, and way too comfortable with compliance and conformity. In Pure Genius, Don Wettrick explains how collaboration—with experts, students, and other educators—can help you create interesting, and even life-changing opportunities for learning. Wettrick’s book inspires and equips educators with a systematic blueprint for teaching innovation in any school.

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p is for pirate coverP is for Pirate

by Dave Burgess @burgessdave
and Shelley Burgess @burgess_shelley

A is for Anchor, B is for Bungee… and P is for PIRATE! Teaching is an adventure that stretches the imagination and calls for creativity every day! In P is for Pirate, husband and wife team Dave and Shelley Burgess encourage and inspire educators to make their classrooms fun and exciting places to learn. Tapping into years of personal experience, and drawing on the insights of more than 70 educators, the authors offer a wealth of ideas for making learning and teaching more fulfilling than ever before.

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Learn Like a PIRATE

by Paul Solarz @PaulSolarz

llap coverToday’s job market demands that students be prepared to take responsibility for their lives and careers. We do them a disservice if we teach them how to earn passing grades without equipping them to take charge of their education. In Learn Like a Pirate, Paul Solarz explains how to design classroom experiences that encourage students to take risks and explore their passions in a stimulating, motivating, and supportive environment where improvement, rather than grades, is the focus. Discover how student-led classrooms help students thrive and develop into self-directed, confident citizens who are capable of making smart, responsible decisions, all on their own.

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Ditch That Textbook

by Matt Miller @jmattmiller

dtt front coverTextbooks are symbols of centuries of old education. They’re often outdated as soon as they hit students’ desks. Acting “by the textbook” implies compliance and a lack of creativity. It’s time to ditch those textbooks—and those textbook assumptions about learning! In Ditch That Textbook, teacher and blogger Matt Miller encourages educators to throw out meaningless, pedestrian teaching and learning practices. It empowers them to evolve and improve on old, standard teaching methods. Ditch That Textbook is a support system, toolbox, and manifesto to help educators free their teaching and revolutionize their classrooms.

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50 Things You Can Do with Google Classroom

by Alice Keeler @alicekeeler and Libbi Miller @millerlibbi

50 things google classroomAdding technology to classrooms isn’t optional; it’s a must if students are going to be well-equipped for the future. In 50 Things You Can Do with Google Classroom, Alice Keeler and Libbi Miller shorten the learning curve by providing a thorough overview of the Google Classroom app. Part of Google Apps for Education (GAfE), Google Classroom was specifically designed to help teachers save time by streamlining the process of going digital. Complete with screenshots, this book provides ideas and step-by-step instruction to help teachers encourage student collaboration, seamlessly use other Google tools, such as Google Docs, provide timely feedback to students and more.

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The Zen Teacher

by Dan Tricarico @thezenteacher

zen teacher coverTeachers have incredible power to influence, even improve, the future. In The Zen Teacher, educator, blogger, and speaker Dan Tricarico provides practical, easy-to-use techniques to help teachers be their best—unrushed and fully focused—so they can maximize their performance and improve their quality of life. In this introductory guide, Dan Tricarico explains what it means to develop a Zen practice—something that has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with your ability to thrive in the classroom.

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Master the Media

by Julie Smith @julnilsmith

master the mediaWithout question, television, films, radio, and music, the Internet, social media, news programs, and books and magazines are part of our daily lives. And while some claim that all of this media consumption is detrimental to society, the truth is it doesn’t have to be. Times have changed. Technology connects us today in new and exciting ways. We have more choices and more control than ever, regarding what and when we will watch, listen to, and read. And, as Julie Smith explains in Master the Media: How Teaching Media Literacy Can Save Our Plugged-in World, with that control comes a heightened level of responsibility to think critically about the content we consume. Written to help teachers and parents educate the next generation, Master the Media explains the history, purpose, and messages behind the media.

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The Innovator’s Mindset

by George Couros @gcouros

innovators mindset coverKids walk into schools full of wonder and questions. How you, as an educator, respond to students’ natural curiosity can help further their own exploration and shape the way they learn today and in the future. In The Innovator’s Mindset, George Couros encourages teachers and administrators to empower their learners to wonder, to explore—and to become forward-thinking leaders.  The Innovator’s Mindset includes practical suggestions for unleashing your students’ and teachers’ talent. You’ll also read encouraging accounts of leaders and learners who are innovating “inside the box.” 

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Explore Like a Pirate

by Michael Matera @mrmatera

Explore Like a PirateAre you ready to transform your classroom into an experiential work that flourishes on collaboration and creativity? Then set sail with classroom game designer and educator Michael Matera as he reveals the possibilities and power of game-based learning. In Explore Like a PIRATE, Matera serves as your experienced guid
e to help you apply the most motivational techniques of gameplay to your classroom using strategies that work with and enhance (rather than replace) your current curriculum.


Play Like a Pirate

Book Play Like a Pirateby Quinn Rollins

Students spend hours of every day bored. If they’re bored, they’re unlikely to remember what we’re trying to help them learn. Using tools they love – LEGO, Hot Wheels, action figures, Barbie, superheroes, and games – Rollins will help you make connections to your curriculum, bringing some fun back into your classroom. Rollins shares both big ideas and practical strategies for how to use toys, games, and comics to engage your students – and will show you how the best tools to reach those kids were within your reach all along.

Your School Rocks… So Tell People!

Your School Rocks... So Tell People

by Ryan McLane and Eric Lowe

Great things are happening in your school every day. The problem is: no one beyond your school walls knows about them. School principals Ryan McLane and Eric Lowe want to help you get the word out! In Your School Rocks… So Tell People! McLane and Lowe offer more than seventy immediately actionable tips along with easy-to-follow instructions and links to video tutorials. This practical guide will equip you to create an effective and manageable communication strategy using social media tools. Learn how to keep your students’ families and community connected, informed, and excited about what’s going on in your school.

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How Much Water Do We Have?

71fU0f0VYZLby Pete Nunweiler

If questions like these have run through your mind lately, chances are you’re feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or fearful. Whether those questions are the result of positive changes, like business growth or the birth of a child, or unwanted circumstances, such as stress at the workplace or divorce, the right resources and support can help you successfully navigate those challenges.

In How Much Water Do We Have? Pete Nunweiler identifies five key elements that are necessary for the success of any goal, life transition, or challenge. He calls these elements the 5 Waters of Success, and like the water we drink, we need them to thrive in today’s rapidly paced world.

140 Twitter Tips for Educators

Get Connected, Grow Your Professional Learning Network, and Reinvigorate Your Career

By Brad Currie, Billy Krakower, and Scott Rocco

140 TwitterWhatever questions you have about education or about how you can be even better at your job, you’ll find ideas, resources, and a vibrant network of professionals ready to help you on Twitter. In 140 Twitter Tips for Educators, #Satchat hosts and founders of Evolving Educators, Brad Currie, Billy Krakower, and Scott Rocco offer step-by-step instructions to help you master the basics of Twitter, build an online following, and become a Twitter rock star.

The Classroom Chef 

Sharpen your lessons. Season your classes. Make math meaningful.

By John Stevens and Matt Vaudrey
DBC Classroom Chef flatIn The Classroom Chef, math teachers and instructional coaches John Stevens and Matt Vaudrey share their secret recipes, ingredients, and tips for serving up lessons that engage students and help them “get” math. You can use these ideas and methods as-is, or better yet, tweak them and create your own enticing educational meals. The message the authors share is that, with imagination and preparation, every teacher can be a Classroom Chef.


Using Design Thinking to Boost Creativity and Bring Out the Maker in Every Student

By John Spencer and A.J. Juliani
small LAUNCH-FLAT copyEducators John Spencer and A.J. Juliani know firsthand the challenges teachers face every day: School can be busy. Materials can be scarce. The creative process can seem confusing. Curriculum requirements can feel limiting. Those challenges too often bully creativity, pushing it to the side as an “enrichment activity” that gets put off or squeezed into the tiniest time block. We can do better. We must do better if we’re going to prepare students for their future.

Kids Deserve It!

Pushing Boundaries and Challenging Conventional Thinking.

By Todd Nesloney @TechNinjaTodd and Adam Welcome @awelcome 
KDI - FLATIn Kids Deserve It!, Todd and Adam encourage you to think big and make learning fun and meaningful for students. While you’re at it, you just might rediscover why you became an educator in the first place. Learn why you should be calling parents to praise your students (and employees). Discover ways to promote family interaction and improve relationships for kids at school and at home. Be inspired to take risks, shake up the status quo, and be a champion for your students.

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50 Things to Go Further with Google Classroom

A Student-Centered Approach

by Alice Keeler @alicekeeler and Libbi Miller @millerlibbi

50 Things furtherThis book helps you take Google Classroom further with 50 more tips. The book is chock full of ways to take Google Classroom further with tips, resources, and templates.  This book helps you consider ways to start moving towards a more student-centered approach to teaching and learning. Lisa Highfill, co-author of the book “The HyperDoc Handbook,” provides the foreword to give her view on shifting the classroom model.

The Writing on the Classroom Wall

How Posting About Your Most Passionate Beliefs Can Empower, Propel, and Lead.

By Steve Wborney


In The Writing on the Classroom Wall, Steve Wyborney explains how posting and discussing Big Ideas can lead to deeper learning. You’ll learn why sharing your ideas will sharpen and refine them. You’ll also be encouraged to know that the Big Ideas you share don’t have to be profound to make a profound impact on learning. In fact, Steve explains, it’s okay if some of your ideas fall off the wall. What matters most is sharing them.

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Instant Relevance

Using Today’s Experiences to Teach Tomorrow’s Lessons

by Denis Sheeran

Instant Relevance

Every day, students in schools around the world ask the question, “When am I ever going to use this in real life?” In Instant Relevance, author and keynote speaker Denis Sheeran equips you to create engaging lessons from experiences and events that matter to your students. Learn how to help your students see meaningful connections between the real word and what they learn in the classroom—because that’s when learning sticks.

Dunk Tank

Escaping The School Leader’s Dunk Tank:
How to Prevail When Others Want to See You Drown
by Rebecca Coda and Rick Jetter

Have you ever felt as if a supervisor, coworker, or even your own school board was trying to sabotage you?  No school leader is immune to the effects of discrimination, bad politics, revenge, or ego-driven coworkers. If you’ve ever worked in such conditions, you know that adversaries can make your job as a school leader miserable. But even if you’re lucky enough to be thriving in your current role, you’ve probably seen leaders whose careers have been tanked by difficult and demanding circumstances. You may even wonder from time to time, “Am I next?”  In Escaping the School Leader’s Dunk Tank, Rebecca Coda and Rick Jetter interviewed superintendents, principals, and other educational leaders across the nation who have faced “dunk tank” situations. Through real-life stories and by sharing insightful research, the authors (who are dunk tank survivors themselves) equip school leaders with the practical knowledge and emotional tools necessary to survive and, better yet, avoid getting “dunked.”  You’ll learn:

  • Which emotions may be triggering your adversary’s negative behaviors.
  • How to recognize the most common tactics used against school leaders.
  • Why building positive relationships is important to your survival.
  • What you may be doing to hurt others’ careers…or even your own.
  • How to redefine yourself and reclaim your life and career if you’ve ever been “dunked

Start. Right. Now.

Teaching and Leading for Excellence

By Todd Whitaker, Jeff Zoul, and Jimmy Casas

In their work leading up to
Start. Right. Now. Todd Whitaker, Jeff Zoul, and Jimmy Casas studied educators from across the nation and discovered four key behaviors of excellence: Excellent leaders and teachers Know the Way, Show the Way, Go the Way, and Grow Each Day. If you are ready to take the first step toward excellence, this motivating book will put you on the right path.

Lead Like a PIRATE

Make School Amazing for Your Students and Staff

By Shelley Burgess and Beth Houf (@Burgess_Shelley, @BethHouf)
In Lead Like a PIRATE, education leaders Shelley Burgess and Beth Houf map out the character traits necessary to captain a school or district. You’ll learn where to find the treasure that’s already in your classrooms and schools—and how to bring out the very best in your educators. This book will equip and encourage you to be relentless in your quest to make school amazing for your students, staff, parents, and communities.

Teaching Math with Google Apps

50 G Suite Activities

By Alice Keeler and Diana Herrington

In Teaching Math with Google Apps, author-educators Alice Keeler and Diana Herrington reveal more than 50 ways teachers can use technology in math classes. The goal isn’t using tech for tech’s sake; rather, it’s to help students develop critical-thinking skills and learn how to apply mathematical concepts to real life. Packed with lesson ideas, links to downloadable templates, step-by-step instructions, and resources, Teaching Math with Google Apps equips you to bring your math class into the twenty-first century with easy-to-use technology. What are you waiting for?

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Table Talk Math

A Practical Guide for Bringing Math into Everyday Conversations
By John Stevens
Math is everywhere! From cooking (and eating) to playing games to estimating how much toilet paper is left on a roll to creating elaborate patterns with LEGO bricks, you don’t have to look far to find numbers to wonder about with your kids. In Table Talk Math, John Stevens offers ideas for initiating authentic, math-based conversations that can benefit (and be fun for) everyone at the table–no matter how young or old. The more often you can get your kids to notice and be curious about all the numbers, patterns, and equations in the world around them, the more likely they are to start thinking about math as something that is fun, even if it isn’t always easy. And that’s when you’ll really have something to talk about.

Shift This!

How to Implement Gradual Change for Massive Impact in Your Classroom

By Joy Kirr

Establishing a student-led culture that isn’t focused on grades and homework but on individual responsibility and personalized learning, may seem like a daunting task—especially if you think you have to do it all at once. But significant change is possible, sustainable, and even easy when it happens little by little. In Shift This! educator and speaker Joy Kirr explains how to make gradual shifts—in your thinking, teaching, and approach to classroom design—that will have a massive impact in your classroom. Make the first shift today!

 Unmapped Potential

An Educator’s Guide to Lasting Change
By Julie Hasson and Missy Lennard
Feeling overextended, discouraged, or stressed? No matter where you are in your educational career, chances are you have, at times, felt overwhelmed and overworked. Maybe you feel that way right now. If so, you aren’t alone. But the more important news is that things can get better! You simply need the right map to help you move from frustrated to fulfilled. Unmapped Potential: An Educator’s Guide to Lasting Change can help you find your unique path to becoming the kind of educator–the kind of person–you want to be.
The idyllic myth of the perfect teacher–the one who has it all together and breezes through the school year without fear or stress and whose well-behaved students always get straight As–sets the bar incredibly high for educators. The problem is that this myth also perpetuates unrealistic expectations that erode self-confidence and set teachers up for failure. Author and educator Aaron Hogan is on a mission to shatter the myth of the perfect teacher by equipping educators with strategies that help them THRIVE. You’ll learn how to shift out of survival mode and how to thrive.

Social LEADia

Moving Students from Digital Citizenship to Digital Leadership

by Jennifer Casa-Todd
Equipping students for their future begins by helping them become digital leaders now. In our networked society, students need to learn how to leverage social media to connect to people, passions, and opportunities to grow and make a difference.  When people think of kids and their devices, it is often with dismay. But technology is here to stay, which means we must educate, empower, and inspire our students to use social media to …learn and share learning, address societal inequality, share their voices, and be a more positive influence in others’ lives.  Social LEADia addresses the need to shift our conversations at school and at home from digital citizenship to digital leadership. Inside, you’ll read about some amazing kids who are leveraging social media in positive and powerful ways. They are passionate and empathetic leaders online and offline, and they model the reality that students don’t need to wait for tomorrow to lead–they can be world-changers TODAY.

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Spark Learning

3 Keys to Embracing the Power of Student Curiosity

by Ramsey Musallam

Spark Learning, inspired by Ramsey’s popular TED Talk “3 Rules to Spark Learning,” combines brain science research, proven teaching methods, and his personal story to empower you to improve your students’ learning experiences with …
* Easy-to-implement ideas for sparking curiosity in your students
* Strategies for encouraging students to embrace the mess of learning
* Practices for effective reflection that propels future learning—and greater curiosity
* Technology tips to make it simple to collect and use your own inspiring ideas.

For author Ramsey Musallam, the journey to a better way of teaching began not in the classroom, but on the operating table where he underwent a new, lifesaving heart surgery. His surgeon’s confidence, dedication, and curiosity sparked an idea in Ramsey: What if teachers adopted the qualities his surgeon exhibited and were inquisitive, ready to explore, discover, try, and, yes, even fail? What if students could learn to adopt those traits as well? Those questions launched a quest to inspire inquiry and harness its benefits.

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by A.J. Juliani and John Spencer

In Empower, A.J. Juliani and John Spencer provide teachers, coaches, and administrators with a roadmap that will inspire innovation, authentic learning experiences, and practical ways to empower students to pursue their passions while in school.

Compliance is expecting students to pay attention. Engagement is getting students excited about our topics, interests, and curriculum. But when we empower students, they crave learning that is both meaningful and relevant to their life, now and in the future.

Empower is focused not only on what happens when students own their learning but also on how to reach a place where that is possible in the midst of standards, set curriculum paths, and realities of school that we all have to deal with. Written by real educators who are still working in schools and with teachers, Empower will provide ways to overcome these challenges and turn them into opportunities for our learners to be unabashedly different and remarkable.

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Ditch That Homework

Practical Strategies to Help Make Homework Obsolete

by Matt Miller and Alice Keeler

Students hate it. Parents wonder if it’s worth the tears, frustration, and nightly arguments. Teachers debate whether it’s really helpful or just busywork that consumes their precious time.

One thing everyone can agree on is that homework is a contentious topic.
In Ditch That Homework, Matt Miller and Alice Keeler discuss the pros and cons of homework, why teachers assign it, and what life could look like without it. As they evaluate the research and share parent and teacher insights, the authors explore some of the benefits for ditching homework:
  • Better education for all students
  • Reduced stress for families
  • More intentionality with lesson planning
  • Increased love of learning
  • More time for teachers to focus on learning at school and enjoying their after-school hours
And that’s just the beginning. Miller and Keeler offer a convincing case for ditching–or at a minimum greatly reducing–homework. They also provide practical guidance on how to eliminate homework from your lessons. You’ll discover strategies for improving learning through differentiation and student agency and by tapping into the way the brain works best.
Are you ready? Read this book and you’ll understand why it’s time to Ditch That Homework! #DitchHW


The Four O’Clock Faculty

A Rogue Guide to Revolutionizing Professional Development

by Rich Czyz

Author Rich Czyz is on a mission to revolutionize professional learning for all educators. In The Four O’Clock Faculty, Rich identifies ways to make PD meaningful, efficient, and, above all, personally relevant.

This book is a practical guide that reveals why some PD is so awful and what you can do to change the model for the betterment of you and your colleagues.

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Every Student. Every Day. Whatever it Takes.

by Jimmy Casas

Eradicate Average! CULTURIZE Your School. Average schools don’t inspire greatness–and greatness is what our world needs if we are going to produce world-changing learners. In Culturize, author and education leader Jimmy Casas shares insights into what it takes to cultivate a community of learners who embody the innately human traits our world desperately needs, such as kindness, honesty, and compassion. His stories reveal how these “soft skills” can be honed while meeting and exceeding academic standards of twenty-first-century learning.

You’ll learn…

  • How to reach those who seem unreachable.
  • What to do when students disengage or drop out of school.
  • How to ensure your learners feel cared for and empowered.
  • How to create an environment where all learners are challenged and inspired to be their best.

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Code Breaker

Increase Creativity, Remix Assessment, and Development a Class of Coder Ninjas!

by Brian Aspinall

Crack the code for your students’ success!

Future-ready students need to be creative. They need to know how to communicate their ideas and how to collaborate as problem solvers. To master these and other twenty-first-century requirements, they will need to be critical thinkers.

In Code Breaker, educator Brian Aspinall shares his insights on how to turn curriculum expectations into skills. Students identify problems, develop solutions, and use coding and computational thinking to apply and demonstrate their learning. From Aspinall’s collection of real-life examples and practical lesson ideas, you’ll discover how to:

  • Use computational thinking and coding across all subjects and grade levels
  • Encourage students to let their skills and passions shine
  • Teach learners to take risks so they can grow from failure and feedback
  • Make assessment meaningful–and fun–for you and your students

You don’t have to be a “computer geek” to empower your students with these essential skills. Code Breaker equips you to use computational thinking and coding in your classroom – regardless of your computer skill level – to increase creativity, remix assessment, and develop a class of coder ninjas!

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The Wild Card

7 Steps to an Educator’s Creative Breakthrough

by Hope and Wade King

Experience a Creative Breakthrough in Your Classroom

Have you ever wished you were more creative… or that your students were more engaged in your lessons? The Wild Card is your step-by-step guide to experiencing a creative breakthrough in your classroom with your students. Even if you’ve never painted a portrait or written a poem, you can create unforgettable lessons that help your learners retain content.

In this book, Wade and Hope King show you how to draw on your authentic self—your past experiences, personality quirks, interests, hobbies, and strengths—to deliver your content creatively. The seven steps in The Wild Card will give you the knowledge and the confidence to bring creative teaching strategies into your classroom. You’ll learn…

  • Why the deck is not stacked against you, no matter what kind of hand you’ve been dealt
  • Why you should never listen to the Joker
  • How to identify the “Ace up your sleeve” and use it to create classroom magic
  • How to apply the “Rules of Rigor” in order to fuse creativity with learning
  • How to become the Wild Card that changes the game for your students

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Stories from Webb

by Todd Nesloney

Education isn’t just a job; it’s a calling. It’s a role that comes with the responsibility to care deeply and to persist despite countless challengesfrom state testing to budget cuts to long hours. It’s a way of life that rewards us with milestone moments and fills us with pride for the children and communities we serve.

Stories from Webbgoes right to the heart of education. Told by award-winning principal Todd Nesloney and his dedicated team of staff and teachers at Webb Elementary, this book will remind you why you became an educator. You’ll be reinvigorated by these relatable stories—and you just may be inspired to tell your own!

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The Principled Principal

Ten Principles for Leading Exceptional Schools

by Jeffery Zoul and Anthony McConnell

Jeffrey Zoul and Anthony McConnell know from personal experience that the role of school principal is one of the most challenging and the most rewarding in education. Through their work with educators and school districts across the United States, Zoul and McConnell have identified ten core values that guide the best of the best to work and lead with excellence.
The Principled Principal examines each of those ten guiding principles, using stories and real-life examples to make them relevant and applicable for every school leader.
You’ll learn . . .
  • What to prioritize and what to eliminate from your to-do list
  • How to empower your staff and students
  • How to hire the right people for your school
  • Why and how to keep calm in a crisis
  • How to recognize and avoid “culture crushers”
  • How to create a positive culture for your school community
  • and more…
Implement the strategies and practices in The Principled Principal, and fast-track your way to becoming the leader your school needs.


The Limitless School

Creative Ways to Solve the Culture Puzzle

by Abe Hege and Adam Dovico

You know what’s hard? Solving a Rubik’s(R) Cube.

You know what’s harder? Solving your school’s culture puzzle.

Everyone has a school story to tell. As experienced educators, authors Abe Hege and Adam Dovico have heard many of those stories. Unsurprisingly, the tales often revolve around culture: the life-changing relationship formed with a teacher, the harmful effects of bullying, the amazing Friday night crowds at the football game, and so on. Culture is the invisible yet omnipresent and driving force that shapes learning experiences, the community’s perceptions, and students’ memories–which is why being intentional about creating a positive culture is imperative for your school’s success.

The Limitless School identifies the nine pillars that support a positive school culture and explains how each stakeholder–teachers, administrators, students, families, the community, and board members–has a vital role to play in the work of making schools safe, inviting, and dynamic. Unlock the secrets to unlimited possibilities, and start building your Limitless School today!


Google Apps for Littles

Believe They Can 

by Christine Pinto and Alice Keeler

Are Littles ‘big enough’ to use technology in the classroom? Yes! Pre-K and elementary school-aged children are naturally curious about the world around them. They love to explore and play, in fact, that’s how they learn. That innate drive to discover and willingness to try is also what makes Littles great at embracing new opportunities. In Google Apps for Littles, author-educators Christine Pinto and Alice Keeler encourage teachers to tap into their young students’ curiosity, particularly when it comes to technology. The authors share a wealth of innovative ways to integrate digital tools in the primary classroom to make learning engaging and relevant for even the youngest of today’s twenty-first-century learners. Google Apps for Littles equips you with . . . Practical ways to approach technology with young learners Activities for integrating Google Apps in the primary classroom Easy-to-implement ideas for using G Suite as an educator Exercises that build important skills, such as critical thinking and collaboration Children already know that they don’t need to wait for a grown-up to give them information, and many are already familiar with smartphones and tables. By helping them understand how to use these amazing digital tools to learn and create, rather than just consume information, you are equipping them for their future education. Empower your Littles with experiences that place learning at their fingertips! It is time to have a shift your mindset and believe that the youngest kids on an elementary school campus can do more.

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