Keynotes and Presentations: Jimmy Casas

Jimmy Casas served twenty-two years as an educational leader, including fourteen years as Principal at Bettendorf High School. Under his leadership, Bettendorf was named one of the Best High Schools in the country three times by Newsweek and US News & World Report.

Jimmy was named the 2012 Iowa Secondary Principal of the Year and was selected as one of three finalists for NASSP 2013 National Secondary Principal of the Year. In 2014, Jimmy was invited to the White House to speak on the Future Ready Schools pledge.  In 2015, he received the Bammy Award as the National Secondary Principal of the year. Jimmy is the Co-Founder of EdCamp Iowa and #IAedchat, Finally, Jimmy is the co-author of the book, “What Connected Educators Do Differently,” and “START.RIGHT.NOW.,” which he wrote with Todd Whitaker and Jeff Zoul.

Jimmy currently serves as a Senior Fellow for the International Center for Leadership in Education and also serves on the Professional Development Faculty for NASSP; the National Association of Secondary School Principals. Finally, he is the co-founder and CEO of ConnectEDD, an educational leadership company aimed at organizing world class professional learning conferences and professional development services for educators across the country.

Moving Beyond the Status Quo

As educators, we must regularly ask ourselves:  Have we grown complacent? Have we settled for the status quo? It’s our job not to let average become the standard. When a school is in need of transformation, leadership is at its most critical and the fate of a school rests on its leader’s ability to gain support.   If you’re the type of teacher or administrator who wants to inspire greatness in everyone who passes through your school’s halls, this presentation is a can’t miss. You will learn what it takes to raise expectations school-wide, foster the belief in one’s ability to achieve, and create an environment where everyone—students, staff, parents, and the community—takes pride in supporting each other toward excellence!

Cultivating a Culture of Excellence

In this session, teachers and administrators will gain practical application strategies to build a school community where everyone has the opportunity to leave their legacy.  Hear first-hand and learn by example how establishing meaningful relationships with all members of the school community is an essential component to making a positive impact on the culture of a school and maximizing student learning; including fostering a culture of excellence, working with students and staff to create a community of leaders, and infusing a sense of pride within the school community.

Building Leadership Capacity Should Not Be Left To Chance

The fundamental belief that everyone has the capacity to lead is vital in developing a climate for change.  The distribution of leadership within a school is essential to ensure successful and sustainable reform and should not be left to chance.  The belief that all staff members, given a vision, support, and training, have the capacity to lead is central to the presentation.  Jimmy will share his framework for successful strategies for selecting, developing, and growing teacher leaders.

What Connected Educators Do Differently

Participants will learn the power of becoming a connected educator by focusing on eight key factors that make a difference. Through the use of Social Media tools and a Professional Learning Network, this session demonstrates the benefits of transforming the role of today’s educators from a traditional isolated learner to a connected learner. The positive impact of becoming a connected educator will be revealed and enable session participants to understand how the connections developed through social media can support them in cultivating a positive school culture and establishing a brand presence that extends far beyond the walls of the school community.


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