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Julie Smith

Julie Smith

Julie Smith, author of Master the Media: How Teaching Media Literacy Can Save Our Plugged-in World is recognized both nationally and internationally as a leading expert in media literacy. Her highly sought after keynotes and professional development programs help educators, parents, and students alike make sense of the digital world we live in today. With digital media now an integral part of our daily lives, Julie makes a strong case for ensuring media literacy is an integral part of our schools and classrooms. She teaches audiences across the country how to access and utilize Web 2.0 tools, and she supports educators in understanding how to embrace and leverage new concepts such as social media rather than fear them. Her confident, engaging, and down-to-earth style ensures the information she shares is highly accessible to all participants and that people leave her workshops inspired to be a part of this digital revolution.

As a professor at both Southern Illinois and Webster University in St. Louis for the past 15 years, Julie specializes in media literacy, advertising analysis, social media, digital literacy, and web 2.0 approaches. Her can’t miss keynotes and workshops will change the way you think about the world we live in today and the significant role you play in it!

Media Literacy: The Time is NOW!

With the average American consuming over eleven hours of mass media daily, media literacy has truly become a 21st Century survival skill that can no longer stay trapped in our school libraries.  In this powerful and fun keynote, Julie will explain the concepts and history of media literacy and ultimately inspire you to include it as an integral part of your daily curriculum. Teachers in all disciplines will leave this session not only motivated, but with concrete ways they can incorporate media literacy within their lessons to design wildly engaging experiences for  students that spark their critical thinking.  With media literacy now an integral part of the Common Core State Standards, the time is NOW for teachers to expose students to this empowering skill that ensures they are able to consume, analyze, critique and evaluate media in a whole new way.  Julie will draw you in with her humor, relevant examples, engaging stories and poignant reflections in this call to action for our students to be smart consumers of their daily media diet.


Your Kids are Doing it, Why Aren’t You?… The Truth About Social Media

Social media has changed how today’s students define education, relationships, friendships and even the concept of identity itself.   In this eye-opening session, Julie gives you the straight scoop on all of the sites and apps being used by today’s students, and she will enlighten you with what it all means.  Stop believing everything you hear on the news, and learn the truth about social media grounded in well-researched facts and figures and real-life stories and examples.  If you and your team are hungry for credible, valid, and real information about social media but haven’t known were to find it, then this is the session for you!


Tackling Social Media Responsibility: One School’s Story

Do social media “issues” with your students bleed into the school day, disrupting education? Perhaps part of the solution is teaching students how social media actually operates and the role they play in this billion dollar industry.  In this workshop, Julie shares the results of her ground-breaking research conducted with middle school students in St. Louis County. Learn how cooperation and collaboration among the principal, students and teachers led to an astonishing drop in social media issues and an increase in digital literacy.  You will walk away from this can’t miss session armed with the tools you need to tackle the social media issues plaguing your school and the confidence to take your team on this worthwhile journey.


Breathe Life into Your Classroom Using Web 2.0 Tools

No student EVER has had personal investment in a worksheet.  And with today’s fun, easy and accessible tools, there has never been a better time to ditch that worksheet and transform your classroom.  With “CREATE” having earned a spot at the top of Bloom’s pyramid, isn’t it time we inspire students to be makers and not memorizers?  Let Julie give you a tour of her favorite sites complete with vivid student examples and compelling stories of how these projects have revolutionized her classroom.  This invigorating session promises to leave you excited to explore new ways to reconstruct your classroom as a creation zone instead of consumption zone!


Using Cell Phones in Class… It’s NOT the Coming of the Apocalypse

Many districts are still fighting the cell phone battle, and they are losing.  Regardless of the rules, students have phones in their pockets, purses, and backpacks… and they are using them!  In this workshop, you will learn how to change cell phones from devices that cause teacher frustration to devices that create student engagement.  Julie will share how  she has embraced the use of cell phones in her classroom and how she has watched students come to life because of it!  You will walk away from this session with several specific sites and tools to use in your own classroom (and beyond!) and convinced that cell phones can be a powerful partner in education rather than the enemy.


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