Keynotes and Presentations: Shelley Burgess

Keynotes and Presentations: Shelley Burgess

Shelley burgess: Lead Like a Pirate

Shelley has served as an award-winning teacher, principal, Director of Student Achievement, and Assistant Superintendent of Educational Leadership. Her highly respected work focuses on building leadership capacity through coaching, collaboration, and building a positive culture of change which leads to dramatic improvements in teaching and learning. She now works as a full-time partner in Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. and is the co-author of P is for PIRATE: Inspirational ABC’s for Educators and the soon to be released Lead Like a PIRATE.

Lead Like a PIRATE:

Learn dynamic strategies to dramatically transform culture and build schools where students and staff run to get in, not out.  This motivational workshop demonstrates how to take the revolutionary ideas from Teach Like a PIRATE and supercharge them for educational leaders.  You will walk away from this program with the courage and practical ideas to become the kind of leader you’ve always hoped you could be.

Through a highly interactive and fun session, participants will learn to:

Harness  PASSION  and encourage risk-taking in their schools.

IMMERSE  themselves in the work that makes the biggest impact on student and staff learning.

Build  RAPPORT  and relationships  grounded in trust.

ANALYZE  lessons and  ASK  great questions in order to provide rich feedback that helps move learning forward.

Dramatically  TRANSFORM  school culture.

Lead  with  ENTHUSIASM  that is contagious.

Leaders will walk away from this workshop with the tools they need to build a PIRATE culture, strategies and a coaching model they can implement tomorrow, and the confidence they need to make school AMAZING.

Through our intense commitment to staying connected, participants can also expect ongoing collaboration and support as they are encouraged to participate in weekly leadership challenges uniquely designed to support them in taking steps to becoming PIRATE leaders.


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