Keynotes and Presentations: Tisha Richmond

Tisha Richmond is a passionate and innovative Culinary Arts teacher and Lead at South Medford High School in Southern Oregon. She has been a member of the Southern Oregon EdTech Cadre, Oregon Department of Education Edtech Cadre, and  one of the organizers of EdCamp Southern Oregon.  She is a connected educator that is continually collaborating, sharing, and learning with her Personal Learning Network. She co-moderates #XPLAP chat on Twitter with author of Explore Like a Pirate, Michael Matera and contributed a chapter to the ISTE published book: Gamify Literacy, edited by Michele Haiken. 


Make Learning Magical: Innovative Strategies to Inspire, Immerse, and Empower

Do you wish there was a magic wand that would make boredom, complacency, and discipline issues in your classroom vanish into thin air? Do you ever imagine how different our schools would be if students were more than a spectator and teachers were more than a sage on the stage? Transforming your classroom into a place where students are inspired, empowered, and immersed in their learning can be more than an illusion of smoke and mirrors. In this highly engaging keynote session you will discover how the following components can work together in MAGICAL ways to ignite a spark in every learner and create a classroom environment that comes alive in ways you never dreamed possible!  It doesn’t matter what grade or subject you teach… all hold the MAGIC! Discover it for yourself and change the way you think about teaching and learning forever!

The Magical Power of a Team

When students come together as a team the results are powerful!  In this highly engaging, interactive session I will share how I’ve transformed my classroom into a place where collaboration and creativity soars.  Come away with practical strategies for creating powerful collaborative experiences that leverage the unique skills of each student and empower them to reach unimaginable heights.  

The Magical Power of Creativity Unleashed

When students tap into their imaginations creativity is unleashed!  In this highly engaging and interactive session we will explore ways to make learning magical by giving students creative voice to demonstrate learning in mind blowing ways.  Come away with digital and non-digital ideas and strategies to transform your classroom and immerse and empower your learners.

The Magical Power of Global Connection

We live in exciting times with endless opportunities to connect globally.  The last few years have been transformational for me as I’ve developed a Personal Learning Network made up of phenomenal educators from around the globe.  My world has expanded as I’ve embraced innovation and new ways of looking at education.  In this highly engaging and interactive session I will share with you my adventures and how you too can experience the power of being connected.  Leave ready to get connected and build your own personal learning network!

Whisk Taker: The Magic of Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone

Are you overwhelmed by the pressures in education; initiatives, standards, testing, and graduation rates?  When we embrace change and tap into the joy and passion of teaching, our classrooms become magical places of learning.  In this fun and energetic session I will share the power of stepping out of your comfort zone and taking risks as an educator.  When we take risks as educators our students feel safe to take them too! Come away empowered to take a leap and transform your classroom into one that is rich with the magic of learning!

Magical Authenticity: Making Community and Global Connections for Relevant Learning

When we tear down the walls of our schools and connect to the world around us, learning takes on a whole new meaning. In this highly engaging and interactive session, I will share how I’ve brought authentic audiences into our classroom to create powerful learning experiences that are relevant and meaningful.  Come away with practical strategies and ideas for connecting with your staff, community and social media outlets to make learning magical in any classroom.

Magical Adventures in the Gamified Classroom

The gamified classroom is an adventure at any level or in any content area. In this highly engaging and interactive session you will learn how to layer the most motivational techniques of gameplay over your curriculum to increase student collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. Additionally, you will experience how to use the game inspired design process to construct your own rich experience for your students. Come away with practical strategies that you can use in any class or grade level to make learning come magical! You will leave ready to turn your classroom into a gamified adventure.